January 17, 2017 - Heraldry

Bryan Davis will present information about the significance and use of heraldic symbols in family coats of arms.  Mr. Davis is retired from the Temple Police Department, and his hobbies include genealogy and history.

February 21, 2017 - Historical Romance - "A Presidential Love Story"
President Andrew Jackson and Rachael Robards were true “love birds,” if ever there were any, and David Yeilding will provide a brief look at the relationship they developed during their marriage.  Dr. Yeilding is a retired history teacher and administrator at Central Texas College.  He has a broad knowledge of history and will soon publish a book about the First Baptist Church of Temple.

March 21, 2017 - DNA Discussion
Jan Carlson will provide tips to help us read and interpret DNA test results.  Ms. Carlson is an authority on Family Search and knowledgeable of the use of DNA in genealogy research.

April 18, 2017 - Texas Early Schools
Welba Dorsey will take us back to the school experience in early Texas.  Ms. Dorsey is a Texas native and enjoys sharing stories about life in the early years of the state.

May 16, 2017 - Historical Perspectives and Resources
Alan Lefever will make history come alive for us as he does for Baylor freshmen, and he will share information about useful resources for research.  Professor Lefever is Director of the Texas Baptist Historical Collection and Adjunct Professor of Church History, Truett Seminary, Baylor University.

June 20, 2017 - Work in Computer Lab of Temple Library
Members and guests will have access to Temple Public Library computers, books, and microfilm.  Take advantage of this opportunity to do research independently or with assistance from other members/guests.


The society holds meetings on the third Tuesday of each month, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., in the
McLane  Room (third floor) at Temple Public Library, 100 West Adams Avenue, Temple, TX 76501.

Bell County Genealogical Society
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